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Float Pod

Float Stress, Anxiety, and Pain Away

Why Float?

Are you looking to achieve a complete sensory deprivation experience? Look no further than the float experience! During a float in the water tank, every muscle and joint in your body can completely relax because of the uniquely comforting suspension in the water. Additionally, you can enjoy complete emotional neutrality and float right into a focused state of meditation or restful sleep.

The Benefits of Epsom Salt

Our spa uses Epsom Salt, magnesium sulfate, which helps increase your serotonin and melatonin levels while also reducing inflammation. This powerful substance aids in achieving ultimate relaxation and contributes to better sleep and a happier state of mind.

What Should I Wear?

We want you to feel comfortable, so we'll provide a robe and slippers upon arrival. While you can wear swimwear during your float session, you can also keep it minimal and forego clothing altogether. Our float room has a private shower, and your privacy is our top priority.

Will I Sink?

When you're in the float pod, you'll weigh less than you would in a pool due to the high concentration of Epsom Salt in the water. You'll be completely buoyant, and the salt content creates a balance that won't allow the body to sink—so yes, you'll literally float!

How Should I Prepare?

or the best float experience, we recommend not shaving any part of your body within the 48 hours before your session. We provide liquid bandages for any cuts, but we encourage you to avoid "salt in the wound." We also supply ear plugs for those who don't want water in their ears. If you're interested in enhancing your experience, get a massage to loosen up before your float!

Water Temperature?

The water in the float pod will be set to exact temperature of the skin, 93.5℉. This temperature improves the full sensory deprivation experience and helps you to focus on the benefits of the float. Please note that this is not a hot tub.  

How Many Float Tanks do you have?

We only have one Tank that is big enough for two people to float.  However, due to the limited space, we do ask you to give us 24 hour notification if you can't make it to your booked Float or we do charge a $25 fee to rebook if less than 24 hr notification is given.  

We can't wait for you to try the float experience and discover the ultimate epiphany of relaxation!

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