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Where did June opening go?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

We have been sooooo busy getting the spa ready, that I totally forgot about my first blog post. Oh that innocent, hopeful, novice person who wrote! I had said June opening back then and I so thought it was true. Alas, here we are July 9, and we have not opened! Again it really has been a hurry up and wait, but then there was a lot of why are you waiting and not doing??!! Its been an out of my comfort zone expansion. I have had to push and pull where normally I just go with the flow. Its been a tightly wound person who has had the help and generosity and the patience of all those around her, and I just have to say thank you. We all have people around us who love us and deal with us, for better or for worse, and we are so lucky to have those people in our lives. Hug those people in your lives today. As for us, all that pushing and pulling has moved us here and now...and we are opening next week!! Yay! We will have our grand opening July 18th from 4pm to 7pm. I hope you all can join. Ive said it before and I'll say it again...join us at the spa, because we built it for you!! See you soon.

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