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Welcome to the ultimate wellness destination where luxury meets affordability. Our range of high-quality wellness services - including Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna, our exclusive All Inclusive Massages, Dermeluxx and Signature Facials - are now available at discounted bulk prices. Experience the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation and be rewarded for planning your self care.
Float Therapy
Immerse yourself in our premium Float Therapy sessions. Bask in the tranquility and let the Epsom salt-infused water relax your muscles, reduce stress, and improve your sleep quality. Now more accessible with our discounted bulk pricing, your gateway to ultimate relaxation is just a click away.
Infrared Sauna
Experience the purifying benefits of our Infrared Sauna. This innovative treatment uses light to heat your body directly, promoting detoxification, weight loss, and improved circulation. Enjoy our bulk discount offer and infuse this therapeutic experience into your wellness routine.

Indulge in the artful blend of relaxation and therapeutic relief with our exclusive massage.  Never pay an uncharge again for exactly what your body needs.  You can have aromatherapy, hot towels, cupping, etc for no extra charge just extra care.  All you have to do is pick the amount of time. Let our skilled therapists release tension, reduce pain, and increase your overall well-being. Benefit from our discounted bulk packages and make wellness a way of life.
Dermeluxx & Signature Facials
Brighten your skin and boost your confidence with our Dermeluxx and Signature Facials. Our expert aestheticians use top-quality products to deliver noticeable results, leaving your skin glowing and refreshed. Take advantage of our bulk price discounts and let your beauty shine through.


Unwind and Save with Our Discounted Wellness Services

  • 60 Min Massage - 6 pack

    Get a discounted pack of 6 of our all inclusive 60 min massage - Touch Therapy
    Valid for 2 years
    • Save big on our exclusive and all inclusive 60 min massage!
    • Gift them, use them every week or every month..your choice!
  • Most Popular

    Hot and Cold Packs

    5 sessions of hot and cold therapy - 45 min each
    Valid for 12 months
    • 5 hot/cold sessions
  • 3 Pack Float

    Save! 3 one hour floats for $135
    Valid for 2 years
    • 5 Pack Sauna

      Save by buying this package
      Valid for 2 years
      • Purchase 4 saunas and get one free - $100
    • Dermeluxx Facial - 3

      Buy 3 facials and save $75
      Valid for 2 years
      • 3 Dermeluxx Facials
    • Dermeluxx Facial - 5

      Buy 5 facials and save $175
      Valid for one year
      • 5 Dermeluxx facials
    • Signature Facial Bundle

      3 Signature Facials and save over 10%!
      Valid for 2 years
      • 3 Signature Facials (Jelly mask available for $20 add on)
    • Chemical Peel Boot Camp

      Our rigorous 3-session series for those who are serious with skin care and saving!
      Valid for one year
      • 3 Chemical Peel Sessions
    • 5 Peel Series - Radiance Rampage

      Unleash the full potential of your skin with Radiance Rampage, a 5-session chemical peel package!
      Valid for 2 years
      • 5 Chemical Peels
    • Customized Radiance Bootcamp

      3 Customized Facials for your Specific Goals
      Valid for 2 years
      • Tailored Radiance Facial
    • Customize Radiance Facial Transformation

      5 Customized Facials for Lasting Results
      Valid for 2 years
      • Tailored Radiance Facial
    • 5 Pack Hour Saunas

      5 - 1 hour sessions for a great price
      Valid for 2 years
      • 5
      • - 1 hour Infrared Sauna Sessions
    • 90 Min Massage - 6 pack

      Discount on 6 of our 90 min massage all inclusive
      Valid for 2 years
      • 5 Pack of 30 min Floats

        Save on 30 min Float sessions!
        Valid for 12 months
        • 5 - 30 min Floats
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