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Float therapy in el paso tx float and calm spa

Here's your invitation to self-care and connect to your highest self

Be The Exception

Float + Calm Spa is a sanctuary dedicated to the art of restful experiences and rejuvenating therapies. We embrace the philosophy of deep relaxation and holistic well-being. Our goal is to provide a haven where you can pause from the fast pace of daily life. Through our range of services, from float therapy to soothing massages, we aspire to help you reconnect with your inner serenity. Join us in embracing the transformative power of self-care and allow us the privilege to guide you towards a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit

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What Guests Love About Us

What Guests Love About Us

Water Ripples

"Exceeded our expectations! It was me and my partners first time and it was such a nice, relaxing, and zen experience. All the employees were so nice and knowledgeable.  Will be coming back to this establishment in the near future."


"No words to explain, I JUST LOVE IT!"


Five star experience!! Did the float tank today and am scheduled next week.  The staff is friendly, knowledeable, and accomodating - the prices wont break teh bank either.  What more could someone ask for.


This spa is quite simply paradise in a building, the staff is super friendly and the massages are great I highly recommend the sauna and the float.  Its super relaxing. My wife and i will always come back here! Prices are definitely wallet friendly as well.


"Pleasure is always derived from something outside of you, whereas joy arises from within"

Eckart Tolle

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