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Thank you!

Our packages cannot be booked online due to the various services that need to be available at certain times and we want to make sure you get exactly what you're expecting!  We will reach out to you for confirmation of your booking, or if not available we will reach out to you by your preferred method of contact.  If you booked a float, we do ask that you have not colored your hair within 2 weeks of the float.  Persons floating will shower here at the spa before and after the float.  Please make sure that if you are booking for someone else that they are comfortable with showering and wetting their hair.  

We also require a $20 non refundable deposit per package, we will reach out for payment.  We also require 24 hour notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.  If 24 hours is not given, we will require another $20 deposit to reschedule.  Also, please understand that if you book a package and do not want to do some of the services, you will still be charged for the package.  We set aside those services for your package and block others from using the float or sauna. 

If you have any questions, please call us or text us at 915-300-7651 or you can call after hours to 915-777-1553.

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