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November Meditation

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Halloween just passed and now it's time to get ready for November and December...Thanksgiving and Christmas time! However, with all our planning and looking forward to our different plans and activities, I think that there's something to be said for just enjoying the now. Enjoying the moment, enjoying the time that is going on now. So many times, we think our happiness and our best times lie in the future (or in the past) and we ignore how we can just appreciate the moment and whatever it's bringing. Whether it be happiness or sadness, joy or grief, excitement or pain. Whatever it is that our lives are giving us in the moment we can stop and appreciate what it is. We all have our moments of ease, and we all have our moments where life is trying to teach us hard lessons, and its almost as if at every moment we just ignore what is, and keep trying to peek into what is coming next.

The thing is we can't have one without the other, we can't know happiness without sadness, we can't know fullness without emptiness, we can't know joy without pain.

This is the reality of this life and we can only try to challenge ourselves to be masters of the hills and valleys of it. Let's be up to the challenge, let's be brave and courageous and try to do our best to enjoy every moment. We can also choose to be victimized by this life and all its hard lessons, but I think there's even greater pain to be had by choosing the victim role. One of my most favorite quotes is

"Choose to see every moment as if you had chosen it"

You see we can see whatever we want to see. We can choose to make up things in our head that will lend credence to being a victim of this life, or we can also be so in love with reality, that we will make every effort to see things as they really are...and the reality is that we have the choice to react gracefully, compassionately, mercifully, bravely, to our circumstances. Meditation helps us to allow our higher selves to take over at our harder moments and enjoy our moments and learn what we have to learn. I challenge us to dive deeper into our mediation practice this November and stay still and breathe for 5, 10, 15...30 minutes. Our float pod is also a meditative tool that we can use to disconnect from our daily stimulation and just tap into our higher selves. Let us know if you want to come by and check out the float tank, or even a session today! I thank you for taking the time to read this and my hope for you is that you go and enjoy your moments today.

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